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    In a project of this size, there are many people who have done their part to shape the result. Some have done so directly, others indirectly, and still others without knowing that they did anything at all. First, I'd like to thank my wife Karen, family and friends for being such “good eggs” about the project, even if it did mean that I disappeared for hours on end in order to work on it. For their encouragement and assistance, my fellow faculty members and students. For reverting the copyright back to me so that I could make an OER text, Cengage Publishing. Finally, I'd like to thank the various IC and equipment manufacturers for providing pertinent data sheets, schematics, and photographs.

    For potential authors, this text was created using several free and open software applications including Open Office and Dia, along with a few utilities I created myself. The filter graphs found in Chapter Eleven were created using SciDAVis. Screen imagery was often manipulated though the use of XnView.

    I cannot say enough about the emerging Open Educational Resource movement and I encourage budding authors to consider this route. While there are (generally) no royalties to be found, having complete control over your own work (versus the “work for hire” classification of typical contracts) is not to be undervalued. Neither should contributions to the profession or the opportunity to work with colleagues be dismissed. Given the practical aspects of the society in which we live, I am not suggesting that people “work for free”. Rather, because part of the mission of institutes of higher learning is to promote and disseminate formalized instruction and information, it is incumbent on those institutions to support their faculty in said quest, whether that be in the form of sabbaticals, release time, stipends or the like.

    Finally, it is still no lie to say that I couldn't have completed this project without my personal computers; a stack of Frank Zappa, Kate Bush, King Crimson, Stravinsky and Bartόk CDs; and the endless stream of healthy and tasty goodies flowing from Karen's kitchen.

    - Jim Fiore, February, 2000, ed. 2016

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