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MATLAB Functions, Commands and Special Characters

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    By Brian Vick, Virginia Tech

    A summary of common MATLAB commands and functions is given here. It is also attached as a file.

    MATLAB has additional, less common functions. You can use MATLAB's help or Octave's documentation if you need a specialized function. Also "MATLAB Central" has user contributed functions. It is at:


    General Purpose Commands

    Operators and Special Characters

    + Plus; addition operator.
    -  Minus; subtraction operator.
    * Scalar and matrix multiplication operator.
    .* Array multiplication operator.
    ^ Scalar and matrix exponentiation operator.
    .^ Array exponentiation operator.
    \   Left-division matrix operator.
    /   Right-division matrix operator.
    .\ Array left-division operator.
    ./ Array right-division operator.
    :  Colon; generates regularly spaced elements and represents an entire row or column.
    ( ) Parentheses; encloses function arguments and array indices; overrides precedence.
    [ ] Brackets; enclosures array elements.
    .   Decimal point.
    …  Ellipsis; line-continuation operator.
    ,    Comma; separates statements and elements in a row.
    ;    Semicolon; separates columns and suppresses display.
    %  Percent sign; designates a comment and specifies formatting.
    '     Quote sign and array or matrix transpose operator.
    .'    Nonconjugated array or matrix transpose operator.
    =    Assignment (replacement) operator.

    Commands for Managing a Session

    clc:    Clears Command window.
    clear: Removes variables from memory.
    exist: Checks for existence of file or variable.
    global: Declares variables to be global.
    help:   Searches for a help topic.
    lookfor: Searches help entries for a keyword.
    quit:    Stops MATLAB.
    who:   Lists current variables.
    whos:  Lists current variables (long display).

    Special Variables and Constants

    ans: Most recent answer.
    eps: Accuracy of floating-point precision.
    i,j:   The imaginary unit -1.
    Inf or inf: Infinity.
    NaN or nan: Not a Number (Undefined numerical result).
    pi:  The irrational number 3.141592653589793...

    System and File Commands

    cd:    Changes current directory.
    date: Displays current date.
    delete: Deletes a file.
    diary: Switches on/off diary file recording.
    dir     Lists all files in current directory.
    load: Loads workspace variables from a file.
    path: Displays search path.
    pwd: Displays current directory.
    save: Saves workspace variables in a file.
    type: Displays contents of a file.
    what: Lists all MATLAB files in the current directory.
    wklread: Reads .wk1 spreadsheet file.

    Input/Output and Formatting Commands

    Input/Output Commands

    disp:    Displays contents of an array or string.
    fscanf: Read formatted data from a file.
    format: Controls screen-display format.
    fprintf: Performs formatted writes to screen or file.
    input: Displays prompts and waits for input.
    ;        Suppresses screen printing.

    Format Codes for fprintf and fscanf

    %s Format as a string.
    %d Format as an integer.
    %f Format as a floating point value.
    %e Format as a floating point value in scientific notation.
    %g Format in the most compact form: %f or %e.
    \n   Insert a new line in the output string.
    \t   Insert a tab in the output string.

    Numeric Display Formats

    format short  Four decimal digits (default).
    format long   16 decimal digits.
    format short e  Five digits plus exponent.
    format long e   16 digits plus exponents.
    format bank     Two decimal digits.
    format +       Positive, negative, or zero.
    format rat      Rational approximation.
    format compact   Suppresses some line feeds.
    format loose        Resets to less compact display mode.

    Vector, Matrix and Array Commands

    Array Commands

    cat:  Concatenates arrays.
    find: Finds indices of nonzero elements.
    length: Computers number of elements.
    linspace: Creates regularly spaced vector.
    logspace: Creates logarithmically spaced vector.
    max: Returns largest element.
    min:  Returns smallest element.
    prod: Product of each column.
    reshape: Change size
    size: Computes array size.
    sort: Sorts each column.
    sum: Sums each column.

    Special Matrices

    eye:    Creates an identity matrix.
    ones:  Creates an array of ones.
    zeros: Creates an array of zeros.

    Matrix Arithmetic

    cross: Computes cross products.
    dot:    Computes dot products.

    Matrix Commands for Solving Linear Equations

    det:  Computes determinant of an array.
    inv:   Computes inverse of a matrix.
    pinv: Computes pseudoinverse of a matrix.
    rank: Computes rank of a matrix.
    rref:  Computes reduced row echelon form.

    Cell Array Functions

    cell:      Creates cell array.
    celldisp: Displays cell array.
    cellplot: Displays graphical representation of cell array.
    num2cell: Converts numeric array to cell array.
    deal:     Matches input and output lists.
    iscell:    Identifies cell array.

    Structure Functions

    fieldnames: Returns field names in a structure array.
    getfield: Returns field contents of a structure array.
    isfield:   Identifies a structure array field.
    isstruct: Identifies a structure array.
    rmfield: Removes a field from a structure array.
    setfield: Sets contents of field.
    struct:   Creates structure array.

    Plotting Commands

    Basic xy Plotting Commands

    axis:   Sets axis limits.
    fplot:  Intelligent plotting of functions.
    grid:   Displays gridlines.
    plot:   Generates xy plot.
    print:  Prints plot or saves plot to a file
    title:   Puts text at top of plot.
    xlabel: Adds text label to x-axis.
    ylabel: Adds text label to y-axis.

    Plot Enhancement Commands

    axes:      Creates axes objects.
    close:     Closes the current plot.
    close all: Closes all plots.
    figure:    Opens a new figure window.
    gtext:     Enables label placement by mouse.
    hold:      Freezes current plot.
    legend:   Create a plot legend
    refresh:  Redraws current figure window.
    set:        Specifies properties of objects such as axes.
    subplot:  Creates plots in subwindows.
    text:       Places string in figure.

    Specialized Plot Commands

    bar:     Creates bar chart.
    loglog: Creates log-log plot.
    polar:   Creates polar plot.
    semilogx: Creates semilog plot (logarithmic abscissa).
    semilogy: Creates semilog plot (logarithmic ordinate).
    stairs:      Creates stairs pot.
    stem:       Creates stem plot.

    Colors, Symbols and Line Types


    k black

    b blue

    c cyan

    m magenta

    g green

    r red

    w white

    y yellow


    . point

    o circle

    x x-mark

    + plus

    * star

    d diamond

    v triangle (down)

    ^ triangle (up)

    < triangle (left)

    > triangle (right)

    p pentagram

    h hexagram


    - solid

    : dotted

    -. dash dotted

    -- dashed

    Three-Dimensional Plotting Commands

    contour: Creates contour plot.
    mesh:    Creates three-dimensional mesh surface plot.
    meshc:   Same as mesh with contour plot underneath.
    meshz:   Same as mesh with vertical lines underneath.
    plot3:     Creates three-dimensional plots from lines and points.
    surf:      Creates shaded three-dimensional mesh surface plot.
    surfc:     Same as surf with contour plot underneath.
    meshgrid:  Creates rectangular grids of x and y values.
    waterfall:  Same as mesh with mesh lines in one direction.
    zlabel:   Adds text label to z-axis.

    Histogram Functions

    bar: Creates a bar chart.
    hist: Aggregates the data into equally spaced bins. (old version)
    histogram: Aggregates the data into equally spaced bins. (new version)
    histc: Aggregates the data into unequally spaced bins.


    Logical and Relational Operators

    == Relational operator: equal to.
    ~= Relational operator: not equal to.
    <   Relational operator: less than.
    <= Relational operator: less than or equal to.
    >   Relational operator: greater than.
    >= Relational operator: greater than or equal to.
    &    Logical operator: AND.
    |     Logical operator: OR.
    ~    Logical operator: NOT.
    xor  Logical operator: EXCLUSIVE OR.

    Program Flow Control

    break: Terminates execution of a loop.
    case:   Provides alternate execution paths within switch structure.
    else:    Delineates alternate block of statements.
    elseif:  Conditionally executes statements.
    end:   Terminates for, while, and if statements.
    error:  Display error messages.
    for:     Repeats statements a specific number of times
    if:       Executes statements conditionally.
    otherwise: Default part of switch statement.
    return:   Return to the invoking function.
    switch:   Directs program execution by comparing point with case expressions.
    warning: Display a warning message.
    while:     Repeats statements an indefinite number of times.

    Logical Functions

    any:   True if any elements are nonzero.
    all:     True if all elements are nonzero.
    find:   Finds indices of nonzero elements.
    finite: True if elements are finite.
    isnan: True if elements are undefined.
    isinf:   True if elements are infinite.
    isempty: True if matrix is empty.
    isreal:  True if all elements are real.


    eval:    Interpret strings containing Matlab expressions.
    feval:   Function evaluation.
    function: Creates a user-defined function M-file.
    global:  Define global variables.
    nargin:  Number of function input arguments.
    nargout: Number of function output arguments.
    script:   Script M-files


    cputime: CPU time in seconds.
    clock:     Current date and time as date vector.
    tic, toc:   Start, stop a stopwatch timer.

    Mathematical Functions

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    exp(x):   Exponential; ex.
    log(x):    Natural logarithm; ln(x).
    log10(x): Common (base 10) logarithm;

    Trigonometric Functions

    acos(x) Inverse cosine; arcos x = cos –1 (x).
    acot(x) Inverse cotangent; arccot x = cot –1(x).
    acsc(x) Inverse cosecant; arcs x = csc –1 (x).
    asec(x) Inverse secant; arcsec x = sec –1 (x).
    asin(x) Inverse sine; arcsin x = sin –1 (x).
    atan(x) Inverse tangent; arctan x = tan –1 (x).
    atan2(y,x) Four-quadrant inverse tangent.
    cos(x) Cosine; cos(x).
    cot(x) Cotangent; cot(x).
    csc(x) Cosecant; csc(x).
    sec(x) Secant; sec(x).
    sin(x) Sine; sin(x).
    tan(x) Tangent; tan(x).

    Hyperbolic Functions

    acosh(x) Inverse hyperbolic cosine; cosh –1 (x).
    acoth(x) Inverse hyperbolic cotangent; coth –1 (x).
    acsch(x) Inverse hyperbolic cosecant; csch –1 (x).
    asech(x) Inverse hyperbolic secant; sech –1 (x).
    asinh(x) Inverse hyperbolic sine; sinh –1 (x).
    atanh(x) Inverse hyperbolic tangent; tanh –1 (x).
    cosh(x) Hyperbolic cosine; cosh(x).
    coth(x) Hyperbolic cotangent; cosh(x)/sinh(x).
    csch(x) Hyperbolic cosecant; 1/sinh(x).
    sech(x) Hyperbolic secant; 1/cosh(x).
    sinh(x) Hyperbolic sine; sinh(x).
    tanh(x) Hyperbolic tangent; sinh(x)/cosh(x).

    Complex Functions

    abs(x) Absolute value; |x|.
    angle(x) Angle of a complex number x.
    conj(x) Complex conjugate of x.
    imag(x) Imaginary part of a complex number x.
    real(x) Real part of a complex number x.

    Statistical Functions

    erf(x):   Computes the error function erf (x).
    mean:   Calculates the average.
    median: Calculates the median.
    std:       Calculates the standard deviation.

    Random Number Functions

    rand:            Generates uniformly distributed random numbers between 0 and 1.
    randi(IMAX): Generates uniformly distributed random integers between 1 and IMAX.
    randn:          Generates normally distributed random numbers.

    Numeric Functions

    ceil:    Rounds to the nearest integer toward +infinity.
    fix:     Rounds to the nearest integer toward zero.
    floor:  Rounds to the nearest integer toward infinity.
    round: Rounds towards the nearest integer.
    sign:   Signum function. (-1, 0, or 1)

    String Functions

    findstr:  Finds occurrences of a string.
    strcmp: Compares strings.
    char:     Creates character string array

    Numerical Methods

    Polynomial and Regression Functions

    conv:    Computes product of two polynomials (convolution)
    deconv: Computes ratio of polynomials.
    eig:       Computes the eigenvalues of a matrix.
    poly:     Computes polynomial from roots.
    polyfit:  Fits a polynomial to data.
    polyval: Evaluates polynomial and generates error estimates.
    roots:    Computes polynomial roots.

    Interpolation Functions

    interp1: Linear and cubic-spline interpolations of a function of one variable.
    interp2: Linear interpolation of a function of two variables.
    spline:   Cubic-spline interpolation.
    unmkpp: Computes the coefficients of cubic-spine polynomials.

    Root Finding and Minimization

    fmin:   Finds minimum of single-variable function.
    fmins:  Finds minimum of multivariable function.
    fzero:   Finds zero of single-variable function.

    Numerical Integration Functions

    integral: Numerical integration (newer, nominal default)

    quad:     Numerical integration with adaptive Simpson’s rule. (older)
    quadl:    Numerical integration with adaptive Lobatto quadrature. (older)
    trapz:     Numerical integration with the trapezoidal rule.

    Numerical Differentiation Functions

    diff(x):   Computes the difference between adjacent elements in the vector x.
    polyder: Differentiates a polynomial, a polynomial product, or a polynomial quotient.

    gradient(y,x): Computes dy/dx

    ODE Solvers

    ode23:  Nonstiff, low-order solver.
    ode45:  Nonstiff, medium-order solver. (most common)
    ode113: Nonstiff, variable-order solver.
    ode23s: Stiff, low-order.
    ode23t: Moderately stiff, trapezoidal rule solver.
    ode23b: Stiff, low-order solver.
    ode15s: Stiff, variable-order solver.
    odeset: Creates integrator options structure for ODE solvers.

    Predefined Input Functions

    gensig:     Generates a periodic sine, square, or pulse input.
    sawtooth: Generates a periodic sawtooth input.
    square:    Generates a square wave input.
    stepfun:   Generates a step function input.

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