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  • I would like to thank my colleague and friend Robert Olson for his efforts in editing this work. I would also like to thank the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at SUNY Fredonia who not only served as my instructors, but also welcomed me back as a colleague. I would also like to thank Drs. Dan Berggren and Charles Telly whose infectious passion for academics has kept myself and countless others engaged in the field.

    Finally, I would like to thank those students who participated in reviewing and commenting on drafts of this text:

    • Dennis Adey
    • Ankit Ahuja
    • Julian Anjorin
    • Brandon Artymowycz
    • Michael Barry
    • Selin Bora
    • James Fefes
    • Marissa Forward
    • Melissa Grove
    • Jenna Hume
    • John Iburg
    • Marcello Miceli
    • James Morrissey
    • Brett Mueller
    • Zachary Murray
    • Jarrett Parow
    • Erik Pokornowski
    • Jordan Shelton
    • Joseph Steinbrenner
    • Jonathan Wdowiasz
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