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3.G: Conditional Execution (Glossary)

The sequence of statements within a compound statement.
boolean expression
An expression whose value is either True or False.
One of the alternative sequences of statements in a conditional statement.
chained conditional
A conditional statement with a series of alternative branches.
comparison operator
One of the operators that compares its operands: ==!=><>=, and <=.
conditional statement
A statement that controls the flow of execution depending on some condition.
The boolean expression in a conditional statement that determines which branch is executed.
compound statement
A statement that consists of a header and a body. The header ends with a colon (:). The body is indented relative to the header.
guardian pattern
Where we construct a logical expression with additional comparisons to take advantage of the short-circuit behavior.
logical operator
One of the operators that combines boolean expressions: andor, and not.
nested conditional
A conditional statement that appears in one of the branches of another conditional statement.
A list of the functions that are executing, printed when an exception occurs.
short circuit
When Python is part-way through evaluating a logical expression and stops the evaluation because Python knows the final value for the expression without needing to evaluate the rest of the expression.