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13.1: Introduction

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  • Traditionally, the topic of multi–phase flow is ignored in an introductory class on fluid mechanics. For many engineers, this class will be the only opportunity to be exposed to this topic. The knowledge in this topic without any doubts, is required for many engineering problems. Calculations of many kinds of flow deals with more than one phase or material flow. The author believes that the trends and effects of multiphase flow could and should be introduced and considered by engineers. In the past, books on multiphase flow were written more as a literature review or heavy on the mathematics. It is recognized that multiphase flow is still evolving. In fact, there is not a consensus to the exact map of many flow regimes. This book attempts to describe these issues as a fundamentals of physical aspects and less as a literature review. This chapter provides information that is more or less in Additionally, the nature of multiphase flow requires solving many equations. Thus, in many books the representations is by writing the whole set governing equations. Here, it is believed that the interactions/calculations requires a full year class and hence, only the trends and simple calculations are described.


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