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11: Food and Climate Change

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    We've seen in previous modules how crucial climate is in food production. Temperature and precipitation are critical factors in the growth of crops, choice of crops, and food production capacity of a given region. In this module, we'll first review the mechanism and projected effects of human-induced climate change. We'll also explore the role that agriculture plays in contributing to human-induced climate change. In the second half of this module, you'll explore the varied impacts that climate change may have on agricultural production. The summative assessment for this module will be an important contribution to your capstone project, as you'll be exploring the potential future climate changes in your assigned regions, and begin proposing strategies to improve the resilience of your assigned region.


    • Outline the basic science behind human-induced climate change and the contribution from agriculture.
    • Compare various potential impacts of climate change on our global and local food systems.
    • Select strategies that enhance the resilience of food systems in the face of a changing climate.

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

    • Identify climate variables that affect agriculture.
    • Explain possible climate change impacts on crops.
    • Summarize the mechanisms of human-induced climate change.
    • Explain the role of food systems in contributing to climate change.
    • Discuss how climate change impacts food production and yield.
    • Evaluate how farmers adapt to climate change.
    • Differentiate impacts of climate change on climate variables in different regions.



    Module 9 Roadmap

    Detailed instructions for completing the Summative Assessment will be provided in each module.

    Module 9 Roadmap
    Action Assignment Location
    To Read
    1. Materials on the course website.
    2. Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices, answers to common questions about the science of climate change - use this document for reference for Module 9.1, and read p. 29 for Module 9.2
    3. National Climate Assessment - Agriculture Sector, presents six key messages about impacts of climate change on agriculture
    4. Fact sheet from Cornell University's Cooperative Extension about Farming Success in an Uncertain Climate.
    5. Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of a Changing Climate, p. 18, Box 4, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
    1. You are on the course website now.
    2. Online: Climate Change Evidence, Impacts, and Choices OR Climate Change Evidence, Impacts, and Choices
    3. Online: National Climate Assessment - Agriculture Sector
    4. Online: Farming Success in an Uncertain Climate
    5. Online: Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of a Changing Climate
    To Do
    1. Global Climate Change Video Assignment (not graded)
    2. Summative Assessment: Climate Change Predictions in your Capstone Region
    3. Take Module Quiz
    4. Submit Capstone Project Stage 3 Assignment
    1. In course content: Global Climate Change Video Assignment
    2. In course content: Summative Assessment; then submit in Canvas
    3. In Canvas
    4. In Canvas


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