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16.1: Capstone Project Stage 1

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    Capstone Stage 1: Introduction to your regional food system and the region’s soil resources.

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    Capstone Stage I - Introduction to your regional food system, history and diet/nutrition

    • Describe physical environment
    • Describe human environment
    • Explore history of the food system
    • Discuss diet and nutrition


    • Confirm with your instructor which region you will be studying and introduce yourself to your group members.
    • Download and complete the CapstoneProject_Stage1.docx worksheet that contains a table summarizing the data you’ll need to collect to complete this stage. You need to think deeply about each response and write responses that reflect the depth of your thought as informed by your research. Do not just write one-word answers.
    • Create a powerpoint file that you’ll use to store maps, data, graphs, photos, etc. that you collect related to your assigned region. For every piece of information that you put in your powerpoint file, you MUST include a citation that clearly explains where that piece of information came from.
    • Create a Word document to list questions that you have about your region related to the key course topics covered so far. Include in this document a record or your efforts to answer the questions so far.

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