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4.2: Exercise I- maintenance

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  • Organize the process of repainting all walls of a large lecture hall at a university. The walls are in good condition, so a single coat of pain suffices. The process therefore can be reduced to the following tasks:

    • Make a model of the lecture hall in BIM using direct measurements and photographs
    • Classify wall surfaces and their parts with respect to:
      • Labour (e.g. painting parts narrower than 30 cm are more time consuming)
      • Equipment (e.g. parts higher than 220 cm require scaffolding)
      • Accessibility (e.g. parts behind radiators or other fixed obstacles are hard to reach and therefore also time consuming)
    • Measure the wall surfaces
    • Make cost estimates
    • Make a time schedule in 4D BIM


    1. Process and information diagrams, accompanied by short explanatory comments
    2. Basic model of the lecture hall in a BIM editor
    3. Schedules for classification, measurement, estimates and scheduling in BIM


    If the exercise is a group assignment, consider roles for the following aspects:

    • Process management
    • Information management
    • BIM modelling (two or more people)
    • Analyses in BIM (using schedules – two or more people)