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Engineering LibreTexts Liquid Under Varying Gravity

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  • For comparison reason consider the deepest location in the ocean which is about 11,000 [m]. If the liquid "equation of state'' (61) is used with the hydrostatic fluid equation results in

    \[ \dfrac{\partial P}{\partial r} = -
    {\rho_0} \text{ e}^{\dfrac{P- {P_0}}{ B_T}}
    which the solution of equation (118) is

    \[ \text{e}^{\dfrac{P_0-P}{B_T}}
    =Constant -\dfrac{B_T\,g\;\rho_0}{r}

    Since this author is not aware to which practical situation this solution should be applied, it is left for the reader to apply according to problem, if applicable.

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