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10.3: The Resulting Head Loss versus Mixture Flow Graph

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    For a Dp=0.762 m (30 inch) pipe, a particle diameter of d=0.5 mm, a pipe length of 4000 m, a water depth of 20 m and an elevation of 10 m, the pressure losses are given in Figure 10.3-1. The graph shows the water resistance curve (blue), the homogeneous curve (light brown), the DHLLDV Framework curve for constant spatial volumetric concentration (red), ), the DHLLDV Framework curve for constant delivered volumetric concentration (dashed green) and the resulting pump curves for water (dark blue) and the mixture (dark brown). The graph also shows the LDV and the concentration dependent LDV curves. The LDV is 6.35 m/s or 10417 m3/hour. The working point (intersection of pump and resistance curves) is above 11000 m3/hour. The pressure losses at this working point are about 1500 kPa or 15 bar. It should be mentioned that in this example one should not stop pumping and later try to restart, since at low flow rates the pipe resistance is higher than the available pump pressure (the green dashed line).

    Figure 10.3-1: Pressure losses versus flow for d=0.5 mm particles.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 9.38.18 PM.png

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