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4.33: Syntactic Sugar with Getting a Board Space’s Icon’s Shape and Color

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  • def getShapeAndColor(board, boxx, boxy):
        # shape value for x, y spot is stored in board[x][y][0]
        # color value for x, y spot is stored in board[x][y][1]
        return board[boxx][boxy][0], board[boxx][boxy][1]

    The getShapeAndColor() function only has one line. You might wonder why we would want a function instead of just typing in that one line of code whenever we need it. This is done for the same reason we use constant variables: it improves the readability of the code.

    It’s easy to figure out what a code like shape, color = getShapeAndColor() does. But if you looked a code like shape, color = board[boxx][boxy][0], board[boxx][boxy][1], it would be a bit more difficult to figure out.

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