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5.9: Final Program to Prompt, Read, and Print an Integer

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    The following program is the final result of this chapter. Make sure that the file utils.asm is in the same directory as the program Program5-9.asm. Bring Program5-9.asm into the edit window in MARS, assemble it, and run it.

    Program 5-6: Final program to prompt for, read, and print an integer
    # File:        Program5-9.asm
    # Author:      Charles Kann
    # Purpose:     To illustrate implementing and calling a subprogram named PrintNewLine.
        # read an input value from the user
        la $a0, prompt
        jal PromptInt
        move $s0, $v0
        # print the value back to the user
        jal PrintNewLine
        la $a0, result
        move $a1, $s0
        jal PrintInt
        # call the Exit subprogram to exit
        jal Exit
        prompt: .asciiz "Please enter an integer: "
        result: .asciiz "You entered: "
    .include "utils.asm"    

    Note that by using subprogram abstraction how much easier this program is to understand than the one at the start of the chapter. It is beginning to look like the HLL code most readers are already familiar with.

    This page titled 5.9: Final Program to Prompt, Read, and Print an Integer is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Charles W. Kann III.

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