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4.25: Creating the “Revealed Boxes” Data Structure

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    def generateRevealedBoxesData(val):
        revealedBoxes = []
        for i in range(BOARDWIDTH):
            revealedBoxes.append([val] * BOARDHEIGHT)
        return revealedBoxes

    The generateRevealedBoxesData() function needs to create a list of lists of Boolean values. The Boolean value will just be the one that is passed to the function as the val parameter. We start the data structure as an empty list in the revealedBoxes variable.

    In order to make the data structure have the revealedBoxes[x][y] structure, we need to make sure that the inner lists represent the vertical columns of the board and not the horizontal rows. Otherwise, the data structure will have a revealedBoxes[y][x] structure.

    The for loop will create the columns and then append them to revealedBoxes. The columns are created using list replication, so that the column list has as many val values as the BOARDHEIGHT dictates.

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