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14.7: Classes as Types

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    As we have seen, in Python, all variables have a type. And we can use the built-in dir function to examine the capabilities of a variable. We can use type and dir with the classes that we create.

    Code 14.7.1 (Python)
    class PartyAnimal:
       x = 0
       def party(self) :
         self.x = self.x + 1
         print(\"So far\",self.x)
    an = PartyAnimal()
    print (\"Type\", type(an))
    print (\"Dir \", dir(an))
    print (\"Type\", type(an.x))
    print (\"Type\", type(
    # Code:

    When this program executes, it produces the following output:

    Type <class '__main__.PartyAnimal'>
    Dir  ['__class__', '__delattr__', ...
    '__sizeof__', '__str__', '__subclasshook__',
    '__weakref__', 'party', 'x']
    Type <class 'int'>
    Type <class 'method'>

    You can see that using the class keyword, we have created a new type. From the dir output, you can see both the x integer attribute and the party method are available in the object.

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