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1.5: Contributors Over the Years

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    Many people have sent corrections and suggestions, and we appreciate their valuable feedback!

    • Ellen Hildreth used this book to teach Data Structures at Wellesley College and submitted a whole stack of corrections, along with some great suggestions.
    • Tania Passfield pointed out that some glossaries had leftover terms that no longer appeared in the text.
    • Elizabeth Wiethoff noticed that the series expansion of exp(−x2) was wrong. She has also worked on a Ruby version of the book.
    • Matt Crawford sent in a whole patch file full of corrections.
    • Chi-Yu Li pointed out a typo and an error in one of the code examples.
    • Doan Thanh Nam corrected an example.
    • Muhammad Saied translated the book into Arabic, and found several errors in the process.
    • Marius Margowski found an inconsistency in a code example.
    • Leslie Klein discovered another error in the series expansion of exp(−x2), identified typos in the card array figures, and gave helpful suggestions to clarify several exercises.
    • Micah Lindstrom reported half a dozen typos and sent corrections.
    • James Riely ported the textbook source from LaTeX to Sphinx.
    • Peter Knaggs ported the book to C#.
    • Heidi Gentry-Kolen recorded several video lectures that follow the book.

    We are especially grateful to our technical reviewers: Blythe Samuels, David Wisneski, and Stephen Rose. They found errors, made many great suggestions, and helped make the book much better.

    Additional contributors who found one or more typos: Stijn Debrouwere, Guy Driesen, Andai Velican, Chris Kuszmaul, Daniel Kurikesu, Josh Donath, Rens Findhammer, Elisa Abedrapo, Yousef BaAfif, Bruce Hill, Matt Underwood, Isaac Sultan, Dan Rice, Robert Beard, Daniel Pierce, Michael Giftthaler, and Min Zeng.

    If you have additional comments or ideas about the text, please send them to:

    This page titled 1.5: Contributors Over the Years is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Allen B. Downey (Green Tea Press) .

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