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10.5: Arithmetic Operators

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  • Operators are symbols that represent simple computations. For example, the addition operator is +, subtraction is -, multiplication is *, and division is /.

    The following program converts a time of day to minutes:

    int hour = 11;
    int minute = 59;
    System.out.print("Number of minutes since midnight: ");
    System.out.println(hour * 60 + minute);

    In this program, hour * 60 + minute is an expression, which represents a single value to be computed. When the program runs, each variable is replaced by its current value, and then the operators are applied. The values operators work with are called operands.

    The result of the previous example is:

    Number of minutes since midnight: 719

    Expressions are generally a combination of numbers, variables, and operators. When complied and executed, they become a single value.

    For example, the expression 1 + 1 has the value 2. In the expression hour - 1, Java replaces the variable with its value, yielding 11 - 1, which has the value 10. In the expression hour * 60 + minute, both variables get replaced, yielding 11 * 60 + 59. The multiplication happens first, yielding 660 + 59. Then the addition yields 719.

    Addition, subtraction, and multiplication all do what you expect, but you might be surprised by division. For example, the following fragment tries to compute the fraction of an hour that has elapsed:

    System.out.print("Fraction of the hour that has passed: ");
    System.out.println(minute / 60);

    The output is:

    Fraction of the hour that has passed: 0

    This result often confuses people. The value of minute is 59, and 59 divided by 60 should be 0.98333, not 0. The problem is that Java performs “integer division” when the operands are integers. By design, integer division always rounds toward zero, even in cases like this one where the next integer is close.

    As an alternative, we can calculate a percentage rather than a fraction:

    System.out.print("Percent of the hour that has passed: ");
    System.out.println(minute * 100 / 60);

    The new output is:

    Percent of the hour that has passed: 98

    Again the result is rounded down, but at least now it’s approximately correct.

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