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11.11: Vocabulary

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  • package:
    A group of classes that are related to each other.
    The location of a value in computer memory, often represented as a hexadecimal integer.
    A collection of packages and classes that are available for use in other programs.
    import statement:
    A statement that allows programs to use classes defined in other packages.
    A basic element of a program, such as a word, space, symbol, or number.
    A value that appears in source code. For example, "Hello" is a string literal and 74 is an integer literal.
    magic number:
    A number that appears without explanation as part of an expression. It should generally be replaced with a constant.
    A variable, declared final, whose value cannot be changed.
    format string:
    A string passed to printf to specify the format of the output.
    format specifier:
    A special code that begins with a percent sign and specifies the data type and format of the corresponding value.
    type cast:
    An operation that explicitly converts one data type into another. In Java it appears as a type name in parentheses, like (int).
    An operator that yields the remainder when one integer is divided by another. In Java, it is denoted with a percent sign; for example, 5 \% 2 is 1.
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