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12.10: Vocabulary

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  • argument:
    A value that you provide when you invoke a method. This value must have the same type as the corresponding parameter.
    To cause a method to execute. Also known as “calling” a method.
    A piece of information that a method requires before it can run. Parameters are variables: they contain values and have types.
    flow of execution:
    The order in which Java executes methods and statements. It may not necessarily be from top to bottom, left to right.
    parameter passing:
    The process of assigning an argument value to a parameter variable.
    local variable:
    A variable declared inside a method. Local variables cannot be accessed from outside their method.
    stack diagram:
    A graphical representation of the variables belonging to each method. The method calls are “stacked” from top to bottom, in the flow of execution.
    In a stack diagram, a representation of the variables and parameters for a method, along with their current values.
    The first line of a method that defines its name, return type, and parameters.
    A tool that reads Java source code and generates documentation in HTML format.
    Comments that describe the technical operation of a class or method.
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