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2.E: Introduction to Ontology Engineering (Exercises)

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    Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    There are several terms in the preceding sections that were highlighted in bold in the text. Find them, and try to describe them in your own words, in particular: ontology-driven information system, Ontology, ontology, and ontology engineering.

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{2}\)

    List several uses of ontologies.

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{3}\)

    Describe the difference between schema vs. instance-level data integration.

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{4}\)

    You may like to get a practical ‘feel’ of ontologies and how they look like in an ontology development environment. To this end, install an ODE, such as Protégé, load the AfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl from the book’s supplementary material page at in the tool and browse around. Download the AfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl file (right-click, save as) and open it in your text editor, such as notepad.

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{5}\)

    Having inspected the AfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl, is it a good, less good, bad, or even worse ontology? Why?

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