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Purpose of This Book

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    The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive textbook for California's C-ID ENGR 220 Programming and Problem-Solving in MATLAB.
    Such a course should cover the following topics:

    Overview of computer systems and the MATLAB environment
    Variables, expressions, and order of operation
    Elementary functions
    Array definitions and operations
    Computational problem-solving methodology
    Pseudocode, flowcharts, and documentation
    Formatted input and output
    Data Files
    Selection programming structures
    Repetition programming structures
    MATLAB Functions and user-defined functions
    Data structures
    Sorting and searching
    Object-oriented programming
    Numerical Analysis Techniques (embedded within topics above):
    Solving systems of linear equations
    Vector analysis
    Data Interpolation
    Least-squares regression
    Numerical Differentiation and Integration
    Solving ordinary differential equations
    Series approximation and error
    Solving equations of one variable

    Since no single Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook covered all these topics, I assembled parts of other books and added my own materials. This book is intended to cover these topics and provide sufficient examples and exercises to be an effective learning tool.

    If you find errors or have suggestions for improvements, send them to me at

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