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    System Programmers are the people who write software and programs in computer language (C/C#/C++, Python, Pearl, Swift, Java, etc.) to complete or automate a specific request. They are also called Software Developers, Coders, Programmers, or Scripters. In the case of systems development, programmers generally attempt to fulfill the design specifications given to them by a Systems Analyst.

    The System Programmer will need to have a deep understanding of more than one programming language as businesses may need a wide variety of IT solutions. For example, one company may need its own private web browser: as well as custom file management software. Not all programming languages can complete these two tasks because as Information Technology has evolved, Computer Engineers throughout history created specific languages for specific tasks and hardware.

    For anyone interested in becoming a System Programmer, doing research on current business needs from organizations and industries will assist in guiding which languages to begin studying. Having strong mathematical skills and a bachelor’s degree is a common criterion for most organizations.


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