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3.5: Assignments

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    3.5 Assignments

    Homework #3

    1. Search for a news or opinion article related to biofuels, energy sustainability, or energy security. Provide a URL link to the article you select.
    2. Write a paragraph summarizing the most important details of the article.
    3. Select at least one item from the article and research it on your own, in order to establish if what was included is factual. Write another 1-2 paragraphs providing details as to whether the information from the article can be backed up with actual data or not. Include your sources. The format should be:
    • Approximate length – 2 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font, name at the top
    • Title and URL link for the article you select should be included
    • For Citation and Reference Style, You will use the APA citation style.
    • Use as filename your user ID_HW3 (i.e., ceb7_HW3)
    • Upload it to the Homework #3 Dropbox.

    (12 points)

    Discussion #3

    Post a response that includes an opening statement on the article you picked for the homework above. Take some time to review others' responses. Then respond to at least one other person’s post. One thing you can comment on is if the article was written from a particular bias. You may need to look up some additional information to determine if there is a bias, such as additional factual information or the background of the person doing the reporting.

    (5 points)

    Exam #1

    This week you will complete Exam #1.

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