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4.4: Assignments

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    4.4 Assignments

    Homework #4

    Download and complete Homework #4. It contains four questions that pertain to the Lesson 4 course material. Be sure to show your work! When you are finished, upload your completed assignment to the Homework #4 Dropbox. Use the following naming convention for your assignment: your user ID_HW4 (i.e., ceb7_HW4).

    (12 points)

    Discussion #4

    Answer the following questions in your discussion forum post:

    • What is causing the change to the price of natural gas?
    • How have oil prices changed over the last year?
    • How might this affect the price of biofuels, or utilization of biofuels?
    • What can be done to minimize the volatility in fuel prices, or can anything be done?

    After posting your response, please comment on at least one other person's response. Discussion grades will be based on content, not just that you completed the assignment. Grades will reflect critical thinking and effort in your input and responses.

    (5 points)

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