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1.2: The World Menu

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    \(\bigstar\) Click again on the Squeak background.

    The Preference Browser.
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): The Preference Browser.

    You will see the World menu again. Most Squeak menus are not modal; you can leave them on the screen for as long as you wish by clicking the push pin icon in the top-right corner. Do this. Also, notice that menus appear when you click the mouse, but do not disappear when you release it; they stay visible until you make a selection, or until you click outside of the menu. You can even move the menu around by grabbing its title bar.

    The world menu provides you a simple means to access many of the tools that Squeak offers.

    \(\bigstar\) Have a closer look at the worldopen... menu.

    You will see a list of several of the core tools in Squeak, including the system browser (one of many available class browsers) and the workspace. We will encounter most of them in the coming chapters.

    The open dialogue of the world menu.
    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): The open... dialogue of the world menu.

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