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13.11: Vocabulary

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  • boolean:
    A data type with only two values, true and false.
    relational operator:
    An operator that compares two values and produces a boolean indicating the relationship between them.
    logical operator:
    An operator that combines boolean values and produces a boolean value.
    short circuit:
    A way of evaluating logical operators that only evaluates the second operand if necessary.
    De Morgan’s laws:
    Mathematical rules that show how to negate a logical expression.
    conditional statement:
    A statement that uses a condition to determine which statements to execute.
    One of the alternative sets of statements inside a conditional statement.
    A way of joining several conditional statements in sequence.
    Putting a conditional statement inside one or both branches of another conditional statement.
    A variable (usually boolean) that represents a condition or status.
    The process of invoking (and restarting) the same method that is currently executing.
    A method that invokes itself, usually with different arguments.
    base case:
    A condition that causes a recursive method not to make another recursive call.
    A system that uses only zeros and ones to represent numbers. Also known as “base 2”.
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