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11: Appendix A – Thumbnail Patterns

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    There are many patterns that are not specifically concerned with reengineering, but are still relevant to the reengineering process. In this chapter we have listed only those patterns that are specifically referred to at some point in this book. We have grouped them into the following three categories:

    • Testing patterns. These patterns help you to focus your testing efforts. Our principle source is a pattern language by DeLano and Rising [DR98], though of course a vast literature is available on the subject. Binder, for example, devotes an entire book to the subject [Bin99].
    • Refactoring patterns. These patterns focus on individual refactoring steps that you might applying during a reengineering project, or that you might just as well apply during any forward engineering project. Our principle sources are Fowler et al. [FBB+99], and the Roberts’ PhD thesis [Rob99].
    • Design patterns. Very frequently the result of a reengineering operation is to put a particular design pattern into place. Here we remind the reader of some of the most common design patterns that pop up in a reengineering context. Our main source is, of course, the Design Patterns book [GHJV95].

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