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8: Optical Fiber

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    • 8.1: Optical Fiber- Method of Operation
      In its simplest form, optical fiber consists of concentric regions of dielectric material. A cross-section through the fiber reveals a circular region of transparent dielectric material through which light propagates. This is surrounded by a jacket of dielectric material commonly referred to as cladding. A characteristic of the design of any optical fiber is that the permittivity of the fiber is greater than the permittivity of the cladding.
    • 8.2: Acceptance Angle
      In this section, we consider the problem of injecting light into a fiber optic cable.
    • 8.3: Dispersion in Optical Fiber
      Light may follow a variety of paths through a fiber optic cable. Each of the paths has a different length, leading to a phenomenon known as dispersion. Dispersion distorts signals and limits the data rate of digital signals sent over fiber optic cable. In this section, we analyze this dispersion and its effect on digital signals.


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