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2.3: Procedure

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    1. Assume a general purpose 3 1/2 digit DMM is being used. Its base accuracy is listed as 2% of reading plus 5 counts. Compute the inaccuracy caused by the scale and count factors and determine the total for a full scale reading. Record these values in Table 2.4.1.

    2. Repeat step one for a precision 4 1/2 digit DMM specified as 0.5% of reading plus 3 counts. Record the results in Table 2.4.2.

    3. Set the adjustable power supply to 2.2 volts via its display. Use both the Coarse and Fine controls to get as close to 2.2 volts as possible. Record the displayed voltage in the first column of Table 2.4.3. Using the general purpose DMM set to the DC voltage function, set the range to 20 volts full scale. Measure the voltage at the output jacks of the power supply. Be sure to connect the DMM and power supply red lead to red lead, and black lead to black lead. Record the voltage registered by the DMM in the middle column of Table 2.4.3. Reset the DMM to the 200 volt scale, re-measure the voltage, and record in the final column

    4. Repeat step three for the remaining voltages of Table 2.4.3.

    5. Using the precision DMM, repeat steps three and four, recording the results in Table 2.4.4.

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