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8.1: References

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    The following references were used to prepare aspects of these notes. They are recommended for those who wish to explore these topics in greater depth.

    Quantum Transport

    S. Datta, Electronic Transport in Mesocopic Systems. Cambridge University Press 1995

    S. Datta, Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor. Cambridge University Press 2005

    Quantum Mechanics

    P.L. Hagelstein, S.D. Senturia, and T.P. Orlando, Introductory Applied Quantum and Statistical Mechanics. Wiley 2004

    P.W. Atkins and R.S. Friedman, Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Oxford University Press, 3rd edition 1997

    Ballistic Transistors

    M. Lundstrom and J. Guo, Nanoscale Transistors: Physics, Modeling, and Simulation, Springer 2006.

    Conventional MOS transistors

    Y. Tsividis, The MOS Transistor. Oxford University Press, 2nd edition 1999

    Theory of computation

    R. Feynman, Lectures on Computation. Editors A.J.G. Hey and R.W. Allen, Addison-Wesley 1996

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