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5: Trees

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  • tree is a non-empty set with an element that is designated as the root of the tree while the remaining elements are partitioned into non-empty sets each of which is a subtree of the root.

    Tree nodes have many useful properties. The depth of a node is the length of the path (or the number of edges) from the root to that node. The height of a node is the longest path from that node to its leaves. The height of a tree is the height of the root. A leaf node has no children—its only path is up to its parent.

    See the axiomatic development of trees and its consequences for more information.

    Types of trees:

    Binary: Each node has zero, one, or two children. This assertion makes many tree operations simple and efficient.

    Binary Search: A binary tree where any left child node has a value less than its parent node and any right child node has a value greater than or equal to that of its parent node.

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