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1.1: Notes to the Instructor

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    • Each chapter has assignments (exercises), some by the authors of the individual sections, some of my own. I encourage you to create some of your own assignments. Additional assignments can be created as variations on the assignments in this book or from your own experiences or creativity. I have not included all the assignments I give my students, because these assignments are likely to appear on the internet within a short time. While it can be good for students to study together, they also need to learn to create code solutions on their own.
    • Currently, I teach my class as a hybrid class: 2 hours in-person or synchronized Zoom, plus additional self study. I generally assign textbook study as pre-class assignments or quizzes, so that they come to class prepared. That way, class time can be used to emphasize the more important and more challenging topics. I also have in-class assignments (usually group assignments) in order to give them practice while they can get help. They do homework assignments during the week. I have frequent tests, usually every 2 to 3 chapters. This helps to keep them on track and lowers the stakes and pressure of a large exam. I usually allow 1 hour for the tests, which typically have 3 programs to write plus one or 2 short quizes.
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