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6.7: Summary

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    Networks and the Internet have changed how we impart, learn, work, and even play.

    Networks come in all sizes. They can run from basic networks consisting of two PCs to networks connecting a large number of devices.

    The Internet is the biggest network presently. Truth be told, the term Internet implies a 'network of networks.'

    The Internet offers the types of assistance that empower us to interface and speak with our families, companions, work, and interests.

    The network foundation is the stage that underpins the network. It gives the steady and dependable channel over which correspondence can happen. It comprises network parts, including end devices, halfway devices, and network media.

    Networks must be dependable. This implies the network must be tolerant to flaws, adaptable, give quality of service, and guarantee the network's data and assets. Network security is a basic piece of PC networking, whether or not the network is restricted to a home situation with a solitary connection with the Internet or as extensive as an enterprise with many users. No single arrangement can shield the network from the assortment of dangers that exist. Consequently, security ought to be executed in numerous layers, utilizing more than one security arrangement.

    The network infrastructure can change significantly based on size, many users, and the sorts of upheld administrations. The network infrastructure must develop and change by how the network is utilized. The routing and switching stage is the establishment of any networked framework.

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