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Introduction to Linux for the Raspberry Pi-history

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    Some open-source Bioinformatics and Engineering applications only run on Linux.

    Linux is an open-source operating system with a large community of developers and support infrastructure.

    Information on the origin of Linux can be found here;                                                                                                          Different Unix/Linux distributions


    The phylogenetic tree of Linux

    Official mascot for Linux

    Official mascot for Linux-800px-Tux.svg.png


                                      Here is a simplified version of the phylogenetic tree of Linux.

                        The red arrow points to the Raspbian version of Linux that we will use on the RPi.

                                       As you can see Raspbian is from Debian and next to Ubuntu.

    The phylogenetic tree of Linux.png

    Note in the phylogenetic tree above both Mac OS and Android are Linux.


    Newer versions of the OS for the Raspberry Pi are now named Raspberry Pi OS.


    Questions on the test.

    Name three Linux distributions.


    1. Ubuntu
    2. CentOS
    3. Raspberry Pi OS

    Which Linux distributions do you have the most experience with?




    Introduction to Linux for the Raspberry Pi-history is shared under a GNU General Public License 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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