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4.1: A Note from the Author

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    Of all members of the whole “menagerie of powers”, i.e., of various methods of harnessing energy resources, nuclear power is surely the most controversial one, and it evokes the strongest emotions.

    Therefore, the Author of this text believes that it may be appropriate to begin the present Chapter with Personal Statement. Here it comes: When I was an active researcher in the area of experimental physics yes, I was, for more than 40 years of my professional life the topic of my research was to investigate different phenomena in solid state physics by means of neutron scattering. And the principal sources of neutron radiation that can be used for such studies are nuclear reactors. So, over the period of 40 years I often spent hours and hours in close proximity of a nuclear reactor (actually, of eight reactors in five different countries). And nothing harmful ever happened to me. So, I am “positively biased”: when I think about nuclear reactors, I don’t think of them as of bloodthirsty wild animals, but rather as of “domestic animals”. Therefore, I know that when I lecture about nuclear power, I have to be extremely cautious. I told you at the beginning that the “battle cry” in this course if ANP, it is, “Absolutely no propaganda!”. I will do my best, then, to avoid sneaking in any propaganda when talking about nuclear power I will present facts only, facts that can be easily verified in widely available sources. OK., this is the end of my personal statement!

    4.1: A Note from the Author is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Tom Giebultowicz.

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