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1.5: Assignments

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    1.5 Assignments

    Homework #1

    For this homework, you will read two selections and compose an essay.

    1. Please read the following selections. Both can be accessed viaLibrary Resources.
      • "Chapter 10: Biofuels." Renewable Energies. Ed. Jean-Claude Sabonnadiere. Hoboken, NJ: ISTE Ltd/John Wiley & Sons, 2009.
      • "Introduction: An Overview of Biofuels and Production Technologies." Handbook of Biofuels Production: Processes and Technologies. Ed. Rafael Luque, Juan Campelo, and James Clark. Oxford: Woodhead Pub., 2011.
    2. Write an essay addressing these two questions:
      • Question #1: According to these two papers, what is one main advantage of the use of biofuels?
      • Question #2: According to these two papers, what is one main disadvantage of the use of biofuels?

    Some notes on the format:

    • Approximate length - 2 pages, double-spaced, 1" margins, 12 point font, name at the top.
    • The essay should incorporate answers to both questions.
    • Use APA(link is external) citation format.
    • Use as filename your user ID_HW1 (i.e., ceb7_HW1).
    • Upload it to the Homework #1 Dropbox.

    (12 points)

    Discussion #1

    Post a response that includes 2 statements (not your entire essay, but statements) from your Homework #1 essay addressing questions #1 and #2. Take some time to review others' responses. Then respond to at least one other person's post. Grades will reflect critical thinking in your input and responses. Don't just take what you read at face value; think about what is written.

    (5 points)

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