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10.1: How to Play Star Pusher

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    Star Pusher is a Sokoban or "Box Pusher" clone. The player is in a room with several stars. There are star marks on the grounds of some of the tile sprites in the room. The player must figure out how to push the stars on top of the tiles with star marks. The player cannot push a star if there is a wall or another star behind it. The player cannot pull stars, so if a star gets pushed into a corner, the player will have to restart the level. When all of the stars have been pushed onto star-marked floor tiles, the level is complete and the next level starts.

    Each level is made up of a 2D grid of tile images. Tile sprites are images of the same size that can be placed next to each other to form more complex images. With a few floor and wall tiles, we can create levels of many interesting shapes and sizes.

    The level files are not included in the source code. Instead, you can either create the level files yourself or download them. A level file with 201 levels can be downloaded from When you run the Star Pusher program, make sure that this level file is in the same folder as the file. Otherwise you will get this error message: AssertionError: Cannot find the level file: starPusherLevels.txt

    The level designs were originally made David W. Skinner. You can download more puzzles from his website at

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