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8: Entropy Production and Accounting

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    • 8.1: Four Questions
      Four basic questions about entropy: what it is, how it can be stored in a system, how it can be transported, and how it can be created or destroyed. Putting this information together to develop the entropy accounting equation.
    • 8.2: Empirical and Thermodynamic Temperature
      Defining empirical temperature and thermodynamic temperature. The concept of a thermodynamic temperature scale, and conversions between empirical and thermodynamic temperature scales.
    • 8.3: Entropy Accounting Equation
      Applying the entropy accounting equation to different types of systems. Assumptions typically made regarding system models, heat and work transfer of entropy, and substance models. Includes several worked examples.
    • 8.4: Thermodynamic Cycles, Revisited
      Evaluating the performance of thermodynamic cycles (power cycles, refrigeration cycles, and heat pump cycles) using the entropy accounting equation.
    • 8.5: Entropy and the Substance Models
      Relating changes in specific entropy to other specific properties, in the ideal gas model and the incompressible substance model. Includes several worked examples.
    • 8.6: Problems

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