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7: Mechanisms of Plasticity

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  • Learning Objectives

    On completion of this TLP you should:

    • Understand how new dislocations are generated from a Frank-Read source
    • Calculate the critical shear stress required to operate a Frank-Read source
    • Describe the interactions between two dislocations
    • Explain the origin of solute-solution strengthening in terms of the interactions between the strain fields of dislocations and solute atoms
    • Describe the formation of Lomer lock
    • Understand how jogs and kinks are formed, and their significance in work hardening
    • Understand the significance of Frank-Read source, Lomer lock, jogs and kinks in forest hardening
    • Describe stage 1 and 2 in the deformation of a single crystal
    • Explain the process of grain boundary hardening in a poly-crystal

    The following TLPs could be helpful Introduction to Dislocations (Basic information about dislocations) and Slip in Single Crystals (Information about slip in an fcc metal, including stage I and II of its deformation)

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