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8: Counting Loops

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    • 8.1: For Loop
      There are two commonly used test before loops in the iteration (or repetition) category of control structures. They are: while and for. This module covers the: for.
    • 8.2: Range -Based Loops
    • 8.3: Circular Nature of the Interger Data Type Family
      There are times when character and integer data types are lumped together because they both act the same (often called the integer family). Maybe we should say they act differently than the floating-point data types. The integer family values jump from one value to another.
    • 8.4: Formatting Output
      Formatting of output is handled in different ways in the various languages used today. Many programming languages have different formatting instructions for the standard output device which is usually the monitor (going to a DOS black screen output box) versus using the monitor as a Graphical User Interface (GUI). File storage output is often handled similarly to the standard output device.
    • 8.5: Nested For Loops
      In our example we nested if then else control structures. Nesting could have an if then else within a while loop. Thus, the concept of nesting allows the mixing of the different categories of control structures.
    • 8.6: Practice Counting Loops

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