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2.13: Debugging

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  • At this point, the syntax error you are most likely to make is an illegal variable name, like class and yield, which are keywords, or odd~job and US$, which contain illegal characters.

    If you put a space in a variable name, Python thinks it is two operands without an operator:

    >>> bad name = 5
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    >>> month = 09
      File "<stdin>", line 1
        month = 09
    SyntaxError: invalid token

    For syntax errors, the error messages don't help much. The most common messages are SyntaxError: invalid syntax and SyntaxError: invalid token, neither of which is very informative.

    The runtime error you are most likely to make is a "use before def;" that is, trying to use a variable before you have assigned a value. This can happen if you spell a variable name wrong:

    >>> principal = 327.68
    >>> interest = principle * rate
    NameError: name 'principle' is not defined

    Variables names are case sensitive, so LaTeX is not the same as latex.

    At this point, the most likely cause of a semantic error is the order of operations. For example, to evaluate 1/2π, you might be tempted to write

    >>> 1.0 / 2.0 * pi

    But the division happens first, so you would get π/2, which is not the same thing! There is no way for Python to know what you meant to write, so in this case you don't get an error message; you just get the wrong answer.