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11: Coating mechanics

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    Learning Objectives

    • Appreciate the meaning of a misfit strain between the stress-free (in-plane) dimensions of two layers
    • Understand how misfit strains can arise and how they give rise to stresses and strains in the layers, depending on their elastic properties and thicknesses
    • See how the general case is simplified when one of the layers (a coating) is much thinner than the other (a substrate) and understand the Stoney equation
    • Be able to predict the curvature that tends to arise in such systems
    • Be able to predict whether debonding is likely to occur, given the value of the interfacial fracture energy

    Before you start

    It may be helpful to study the Beam Bending TLP before you start, particularly the page covering Bending Moments and Beam Curvatures.

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