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35.7: Summary

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    The Jominy end quench test is the standard method for measuring the hardenability of steels. This describes the ability of the steel to be hardened in depth by quenching. The hardenability depends on the alloy composition of the steel, and can also be affected by prior processing, such as the austenitisation temperature.

    Knowledge of the hardenability of steels is necessary in order to select the appropriate combination of alloy and heat treatment for components of different size, to minimise thermal stresses and distortion.

    Going further


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    • Understanding The Jominy End Quench Test
      An article by James Marrow published on the Industrial Heating website, 9/7/2001. Much of the material is in common with the above website and this TLP.
    • Jominy hardenability (quench) test
      Part of the SteelMATTER website, this page has a Java applet simulation which allows you to perform a series of Jominy end quench tests on different grades of steel to see how composition affects hardenability.
    • Jominy Testing: The Practical Side
      An article by Daniel Herring also published on the Industrial Heating website, 10/10/2001.

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