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1: Basics of Newtonian Mechanics

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    • 1.0: Video Introduction to Chapter 1
      Video introduction to the main focus of this chapter: the impact of forces and moments on bodies.
    • 1.1: Bodies
      Defines a body in the context of engineering mechanics. Discusses the differences between rigid and deformable bodies, and between particles and extended bodies.
    • 1.2: Forces
      Definition of a force. Quantities of interest of a force: magnitude, direction, points of application.
    • 1.3: Moments
      Definition and vector representation of moments. Brief overview of how to calculate moments. Lecture video covering topics from this section can be found at bottom of this page.
    • 1.4: Free Body Diagrams
      The process for drawing free body diagrams, and an overview of the types of forces commonly encountered in problems involving these diagrams. Contains multiple worked examples.
    • 1.5: Newton's First Law
      Explanation of Newton's First Law, relating force and velocity. Includes the role of net force and the law's application to rotational motion.
    • 1.6: Newton's Second Law
      Newton's Second Law and its application to both translational and rotational motion.
    • 1.7: Newton's Third Law
      Explanation of Newton's Third Law and Third Law force pairs, using real-world several examples.
    • 1.8: Chapter 1 Homework Problems

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