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Materials and Devices

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    • Bipolar Junction Transistor
      A Bipolar Junction Transistor is a semiconductor device consisting of two P-N Junctions connecting three terminals called the Base, Emitter and Collector terminals. The arrangement of the three terminals affects the current and the amplification of the transistor. The behavior of Bipolar junction transistors is also very different for each circuit configuration.
    • Conductive Polymers
    • Metal Oxide Semiconductors
    • Multi-junction Photovoltaics
    • Organic Solar Cells
    • Solar Cells
      Solar cells are one of the biggest sustainable methods of energy and have the ability to convert radiated light into electricity. This article provides an overview of what a solar cell (or also known as photovoltaic is (PV), inorganic solar cells (ISC), or photodiode), the different layers included within a module, how light is converted into electricity, the general production of inorganic solar cells, and what ideal materials (typically semiconductors) are used for it.

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