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6: Mechanics of Fibre-Reinforced Composites

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  • Learning Objectives

    On completion of this TLP you should:

    • Understand what composites are.
    • Understand why composites exhibit high strength and high toughness.
    • Be able to calculate the elastic constants for a single lamina and for a laminate.
    • Be able to predict the strength of a single lamina and of a laminate.

    Before you start

    The meanings of some basic elastic constants, including stiffness , strength and toughness .

    The use of Ashby Materials Selection Maps ( See the TLP - Optimisation of Materials Properties in Living Systems )

    Stress states and Mohr's circle (these are covered in the TLP - Theory of Metal Forming - Stress States and Yielding Criteria )

    Tensors and matrices.

    Some basic knowledge of plastic deformation and brittle and ductile fracture is also useful.

    These are not pre-requisites and it should be possible to make use of this TLP even without knowledge of these concepts.