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14: Fundamentals of Engineering

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    First a helpful suggestion

    The Schaum's outline series is a series of outlines (more then 200 inexpensive books started in the 1930s) with solved problems that cover many of the subjects in engineering, science, mathematics, and other disciplines that the student might want to invest in at some point in their career.

    Now the introduction to this chapter

    This chapter consists of the academic core of engineering with a skim of the mathematics, science, and discipline specific ideas. This chapter while seeming purely academic is meant to give engineers a taste of the hard core portion of engineering. While someone might desire to become an engineer, the high-level of mathematics and science might discourage a possible engineer. This chapter gives a taste of what is to come. This chapter is another piece of the puzzle on what an engineer is and will hopefully help a student make a decision on whether they wish to become an engineer. Some topics might be difficult, but don't let that discourage you, it takes time to learn complex ideas (even for geniuses). 

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